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From the moment you leave the dealership you want to protect your investment but when it is thrust into harsh elements like the sun, it starts to scream and beg for attention. Think of the moment you leave the salon and you get that fresh cut, color or manicure; you feel great! Likewise there is no better feeling than walking outside and seeing your vehicle that you’ve worked so hard for, looking beautiful, clean and shining!

We offer ways to remove the defects that sun causes to your paint. We remove swirl marks, paint holograms, spider webs and micro marring. Waxing or Ceramic Coating can provide long lasting protection to your exterior paint. Think of it as the same type of protection you provide for your skin by using sun block.

Garvin’s Above and Beyond will not smear in the dirt, lotions and even makeup residues into your leather or other hard surfaces. Instead we remove these things properly by steam cleaning or using other methods like the Tornador. This ensures we are doing a deep clean and not just a cover up!

We take pride in our work and want to assure your vehicle not only maintains its vibrant new look, but maintains its value.

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*Prices are subject to change per vehicle based on condition. Excludes commercial and industrial vehicles. Additional fees may apply for vehicle condition and extremely soiled areas. Additional fees will be applied for conversion vans.

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